Nottinghamshire police officer convicted of assault

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A Nottinghamshire Police constable has been convicted of assaulting a man he pulled out of a police car by his hair after arresting him.

PC Matthew Thompson had denied a charge of assault by beating but was yesterday found guilty by Loughborough magistrates after a one-day trial. The hearing was adjourned for sentencing on 30 April.

It follows an IOPC investigation into an incident at Caxton Road, Sherwood, Nottingham on 13 July last year (2018).

PC Thompson had arrested a man on suspicion of assault and after handcuffing him placed him in the back of his patrol car.

When the man refused to hand over a mobile phone there was a struggle which ended when the officer dragged him out of the car by his hair. The man fell to the ground, banging his head, and later made a complaint about the officer’s use of force.

IOPC Regional Director Derrick Campbell said: “Police officers are entrusted with the power to use force to carry out their duties but only if it is necessary, reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances.

Our investigation, which included reviewing body worn video of the incident, raised serious concerns about the appropriateness of PC Thompson’s actions and we referred it to the CPS for a charging decision. The court has clearly taken the view that PC Thompson overstepped the mark.”

The IOPC began an investigation into the officer’s conduct following a referral from Nottinghamshire Police in August and the Crown Prosecution Service authorised the charge in January. We are now in the final stages of producing a report from our investigation which will be sent to the force.

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